5th Stop: Austin


John: I’m so over snacking on dry cereal while we drive.

Sarah: Same. I really miss a good breakfast.

John: SO happy we are going to Austin next. And not just because Texas has chicken fried steak, which combines 2 of my favorite things - steak and fried foods. No, it’s because Austin is also...

Sarah: Breakfast taco heaven.

John: You really can’t go more than a couple of blocks without running into some truck or stand that has perfect breakfast tacos - all different, yet all delicious.

Sarah: That was poetic. Love it.

John: I figure I could eat about 10 right now.

Sarah: I’m in the mood for at least 12.

John: Grab your hot sauce bottle and let’s get to it.


Texas-Style Chicken-Fried Steaks & Gravy

with Mashed Potatoes


Austin Style Breakfast Tacos

with Cheesy Eggs, Roasted Potatoes, & Spicy Sour Cream (for customers on 2 serving plan only)



8 Delicious Destinations

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5th Stop: Austin
April 8–14

6th Stop: Chicago
April 15–21

7th Stop: Portland
April 22–28

8th Stop: San Francisco
April 29–May 6


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