6th Stop: Chicago


Sarah: Are you pumped for Chicago?

John: I mean, I have a pulse, so of course I’m pumped! It’s CHICAGO!

Sarah: What would you say is your favorite Chicago food?

John: Oh the Italian beef sandwiches - no question. It’s like a French Dip on a magic carpet ride that ends up in the best, most flavorful jus. Plus those hot peppers - oh yeah.

Sarah: Whoa.

John: Yeah, they are amazing. Plus there’s that insane Chicago deep dish pizza.

Sarah: Oh, interesting fact there! I heard some people actually call it more of a cassero-

John: It’s a pizza.

Sarah: I know, but online I saw-

John: Pizza.

Sarah: Mkay, I can see where this one is going. Let’s just go eat some, shall we?


While we were in Chicago, we had to take a quick detour to St. Louis for some of that city’s famous gooey butter cake. Here’s our take on one of the midwest’s most irresistible desserts!


Chicago-Style Italian Beef & Pepper Sandwiches

with Oven Fries


Deep-Dish Style Cheese Pizza

with Roasted Broccoli (for customers on 2 serving plan only)



8 Delicious Destinations

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April 8–14

6th Stop: Chicago
April 15–21

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