3rd Stop: Nashville


It’s all about the southern-style “paddy” melt (pimento cheese FTW), the story of how Nashville Hot Chicken started as a prank, and John’s favorite hot wings. That’s right, we’re heading to Nashville for a little country music and a lot of inspiration for our Bar-B-Que Style Pork Burgers (gotta visit Martin’s Bar-B-Que!) and Nashville-style Hot Chicken! Click on the video below to watch the action go down, including a chat with the owner of Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack!

Sarah: I’ve been looking forward to this stop, John.

John: Same. My mouth is already burning.

Sarah: Nashville hot chicken has become super trendy. But Prince’s is the original. No one does it like them.

John: You know the legend: the great-uncle of the amazing owner, André Prince Jeffries, made his girlfriend really mad, so she made him chicken spiced with a lot of cayenne. A LOT of cayenne. And while the spiciness probably made him weep, he also really liked it. It’s one of my favorite meals in the nation.

Sarah: And then there’s that dish I told you about from Martin’s, the famous BBQ spot. It’s a patty melt with both BBQ sauce and pimento cheese on it. So it combines two of the most distinctive flavors of the south.

John: Sarah, between these two meals and the downtown honky-tonks, I’m going to need to sleep in tomorrow.

Sarah: Wake me up when it’s time for biscuits.


Nashville-Style Hot Chicken

with Maple Kale & Mashed Sweet Potatoes (for customers on 2 serving plan only)


Martin’s Bar-B-Que-Style Pork Burgers

with Pimento Cheese & Coleslaw


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