1st Stop: Philadelphia


Check out this video of our trip to Philly and its South 9th Street Italian Market, whose incredible Italian ingredients inspired our Orecchiette with Pork Sausage & Fried Sage. We couldn’t stop snacking on briny olives, praising the different cured meats, and ogling the vast selection of cheeses, pasta, and amazing olive oil at the Market’s many stores. Prego!

John: I’m so excited to be doing this.

Sarah: I know you are, John. Tell me about these recipes.

John: Well, you know Alex Saggiomo in our Test Kitchen.

Sarah: Yeah, we work together every day, John.

John: Alex is from Philly, and he used to go to these amazing local Pennsylvania Dutch restaurants with the tastiest, the most delicious imaginable—

Sarah: Oh, he’s told me about these—the crust-less “pot pies” with noodles cooked into the stew!

John: Exactly. And then of course there’s Philly’s famous South 9th Street—

Sarah: —Italian Market. Yep, so we’re going to feast Italian.

John: That’s exactly right. I am so hungry.

Sarah: Me too, John.


Italian Market-Inspired Orecchiette

with Pork Sausage & Fried Sage


Pennsylvania Dutch-Style Chicken Pot Pie

with Carrots, Celery & Onion (for customers on 2 serving plan only)



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April 8–14

6th Stop: Chicago
April 15–21

7th Stop: Portland
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8th Stop: San Francisco
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