7th Stop: Portland


John: This scenery is gorgeous.

Sarah: Yeah, it’s the Willamette Valley - so many vineyards producing award-winning wine here.

John: Ah, so we’re almost in Portland! Our Test Kitchen buddy Emily Taylor grew up here, and she told me about this amazing meal—

Sarah: Way ahead of you, John. The one at the winery where they used the pinot noir in a sauce for the pork?

John: Yeah, yeah, I was thinking we could do the same thing with—

Sarah: Verjus, yep, made from unripe wine grapes. The tartness on the pork is INSANE. And then—let me guess. Thai-inspired lettuce cups?

John: Yes! Portland is such an incredible melting pot of cultures, and I’ve had the tastiest, mmm, the freshest...

Sarah: John! Stop drooling out the window and peel rubber!

Trivia Q&A
Q: Portland is home to the world’s smallest…

A: Park! Mills End Park, which is a 452 square inch circle, is the world’s smallest park, as recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. Does it get quirkier than that?


Oregon Wine-Country Inspired Pork Chops & Farro

with Sour Cherry Pan Sauce

Portland-Inspired Chicken Lettuce Cups

with Jasmine Rice & Garlic-Soy Sauce (for customers on 2 serving plan only)



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5th Stop: Austin
April 8–14

6th Stop: Chicago
April 15–21

7th Stop: Portland
April 22–28

8th Stop: San Francisco
April 29–May 6


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