8th Stop: San Francisco


Sarah: From sea to shining sea - I can’t believe we made it!

John: It’s been the most delicious trip of my life. And we haven’t even hit the grand finale yet - San Francisco!

Sarah: I’m pumped - and I could really use some fresh vegetables, you know what I mean? I think it’s time for a “hippy bowl.”

John: Ummm...a what?

Sarah: That’s what I call it. You know, one of those distinctive California mashups that combines snippets of cuisines from around the world, like Korean pickles and Italian pesto, with seasonal produce and grains in a way that no one else can match.

John: Love it. But we’re also going to need to a final, blowout meal, something we’ll need to take a nap immediately after. And I have something in mind.

Sarah: Tell me you’re talking about the quesadillas Suizas, the Mexican dish with the melty, creamy, cheesy influence of Swiss immigrants living in Mexico.

John: That’s the one, Sarah. Welcome to the cheesy side. And welcome to San Francisco.

Click below to see the hilarious blooper reel from the video footage that chronicled the most delicious road trip ever.


California-Style Pesto Rice Bowl

with Lemon Feta & A Soft Boiled Egg
(for customers on 2 serving plan only)


San Francisco-Inspired Smothered Chicken Quesadillas

with Spicy Carrot Slaw


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